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LED Liquor Shelf Options You Didn’t Know You Had

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LED Liquor Shelf Options You Didn’t Know You Had 


You know you want to incorporate at least one lighted LED liquor shelf into your bar. Are you limited to pre-fabricated shelves from online retailers? Maybe you would rather acquire a shelf — or many — custom designed for your unique bar. Well, if you want options, you’ve come to the right place. You choose exactly which features, finishes and dimensions that make your dream bar come true. Here’s a sampling of options from which to build your perfect LED lighted shelves.


Stands need no mounting. Simply place on the front or back bar and stock with your liquor bottles. Also known as island shelves, you can go simple with one tier or as complex as you like. Your stands can resemble bleachers or stage platforms with each successive tier smaller than the one below.


Tiers grant your entire stock face time with your guests. No bottle, no matter how beautiful or lowly, gets left out of the display when you have enough tiers. Each row can have as much vertical reveal as you like with low, medium or high profile shelves. Of course, LED lights brighten every level according to your color preferences for each.

Wall Mounts

Want to nestle your stock against the wall, freeing up bar space for mixological magic below? You can mount your LED liquor shelf with visible brackets or as floating shelves. Again, you choose your shelf dimensions to suit your tastes.


While the lighting is what attracts all the attention, the shelf finishes follow close behind in importance. You can choose from colored laminates, real wood or wood laminates and sheet metals with a variety of visual and tactile surfaces. Have a different idea? By all means, it can be explored and most likely implemented, too.


Few things are as classy as your logo lit from behind embedded in your LED liquor shelf. If not your business logo, then you can choose logos of your favorite sports teams or any artistic design that will make your bar more memorable.

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Three Reasons Your Bar Needs a Lighted Liquor Shelf

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Three Reasons Your Bar Needs a Lighted Liquor Shelf  


If you’re designing a new bar or planning to renovate an old one, you really should consider a lighted liquor shelf or whole display. These shelves, lit from within by LED lights, will give your bar a modern, fascinating face lift. Heck, it might even become the focal point of your whole space. Here’s just three of the many things you’ll enjoy with lighted liquor displays.

A Lighted Liquor Shelf Attracts Attention

Whether it’s just one lighted stand on the front bar holding your specialty liqueurs, or several tiers of shelves on the back bar supporting your whole array, your patrons will notice and remark on how cool your shelves look. Do you want to remind them of your bar brand? Have your logo lit from within on your liquor shelves for extra style. As your piéce de resistance, add a dynamic light show to the display with custom colors rotating according to a pattern you design .

It Builds Ambience

When your liquor shelves glow from within, you eliminate the need for harsher, more direct lighting around your bar. Your staff can whip up orders while your customers bask in the glow. If you want your bar’s lighting to mesh nicely with the seating area, you can add LED lighted furniture, as well. These custom-made pieces do for the rest of your establishment what the lighted liquor displays do for the bar: give it a magical ambience to impress your guests and inspire them to stay and spend more.

It’s Practical

Finally, illuminated liquor shelves serve the fundamental purpose of supporting your stock. You need shelves and stands anyway, right? Since these shelves are built to order, you can outfit your counter surfaces in any way that fits your space. From single-tiered shelves, to multi-tiered wrap-around stands, your bottles will have a snazzy place to live and work.

Explore what a lighted liquor shelf can do for your remodeled bar!

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Liquor Display to Make Your Competitors Jealous

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Liquor Display to Make Your Competitors Jealous  

We may never know the names of the designers and craftsmen who create unique and clever liquor bottles. But their handiwork deserves to be seen and appreciated at your bar. Whether it’s on your portable banquet bar or at your fixed business location, a worthy liquor display affords your patrons a delightful exhibit of bottle art. With all the enchanting shapes, colors and textures, the longer you keep your patrons’ attention at the bar, the better your opportunity to increase sales. Face-to-face with products they may never have seen before, your customers may like to sample new drinks from your liquor supply.

Add Drama to Your Liquor Display with LED Lights

In a room darkened for mood, your bottles may fade into the background as the under-shelf lighting of the bar spotlights the bartender instead. However, display shelves lit from within by LED lights attract the eyes and shift the focus to your wares. With a sizable array of colors available to illuminate the bottles, you can produce dramatic exhibitions, washing the bottles in a gentle light show sure to captivate your drinking audience.

Customize Your Liquor Shelves to Enhance Your Bar’s Appeal

As no two bars are created equal, you may have a very particular lighted liquor display product in mind. By working with a custom designer, you can acquire the exact right set of shelves to boost your bar’s popularity. From single shelf to multi-tiered, from wrap-around square to wrap-around curved and just about any other configuration you can think of, you can build your lighted display to fit your space and needs to perfection. Also, because the LED lighting can generate a large range of colors and motions, your liquor displays can be as unique as your bar and the bottles they feature.

Your liquor display, glowing from beneath with rotating color schemes, draws yet more attention to those artful containers. Inspired by the lovely bottles, intimately revealed on custom LED-lighted liquor shelves, your customers may well purchase more of their contents.

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Knock Their Socks Off with These Liquor Bottle Displays

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Knock Their Socks Off with These Liquor Bottle Displays  

A well-stocked bar will have plenty of liquors from which to choose. Setting them out for your patrons and guests to see not only generates interest, it saves space under the bar for the more mundane and less compelling items. Tools, rags, glasses, cutting boards, appliances and even the plane-jane plastic liquor jugs can all live happily out of sight. But your good spirits, especially those in decorative glass, should proudly line your topside mixing arena. If you really want to show them off in a big way, you should invest in LED lighted liquor bottle displays.

Bright, Eye-Catching Liquor Bottle Displays

With tiered shelves propping your whiskeys and liqueurs, your assembled decanters seem a lot like a choir. When you light those bottles from below, they positively sing. Uplighting from custom LED liquor shelves envelopes your wares in an elegant, even dramatic, glow. The transparency of the glass absorbs the gentle brilliance and highlights your spirits from within. With such a unique presentation, your patrons can’t help but stop and ogle your stock. Of course, the longer they linger, the more likely they are to place an extra order.

Dynamic LED Lighting Gets the Applause

When you add a dynamic light show to your bottle array, your guests will want to return with a larger crew of friends next time. You can fascinate them with a pattern of rotating light colors that you customize with your hand-held remote. With a multitude of color mixes and rotation patterns, you can keep your patrons guessing. Also, because these lighted liquor bottle displays fill your establishment with a higher level of refinement, don’t be surprised if your place becomes the date night destination of choice.

Custom LED lighted shelves combined with dynamic, multi-hued light shows ramp up the appeal of your enterprise. Turn your ordinary liquor bottle displays into captivating objects of attraction and sources of higher revenues.

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Create a Home Liquor Display to Delight the Eye

Home Liquor Display 3 Step Standard 2

Create a Home Liquor Display to Delight the Eye  

If you enjoy a loyal crowd of people who never miss your parties, you’re doing something right. Clearly, you know how to entertain when your gatherings become the talk of your social circles. One element of your success is most likely your bar. However, if you find that your bar is simply a place to serve drinks and not much more, then you could take it up a notch with a home liquor display that impresses the eye and invites your guests to stick around.

Do You Own a Home Liquor Display that Creates a Buzz?

Home bars come in many configurations and sizes. They can be simple dispensaries of adult beverages or they can become destinations. Long, tall counters with seating usually capture plenty of folks during your party. But even those makeshift stands in small rooms can generate a buzz among your guests if you put your liquor on a snazzy display shelf or two. Attractive bottles arrayed on shelves lighted from within will certainly start excited conversations as your friends admire your classy bar. The more professional your bar the more opportunity you have to create an exquisite home liquor display.

LED Lights to Show Off Your Liquor Collection and Set the Mood

Lighting is everything when it comes to encouraging the right mood for your gathering. Liquor shelves illuminated from below the platform offer several benefits. First, you gain additional bar lighting without creating glare. The softer LED lights cast a radiance by which to mix your guests’ drinks, so you can dim or switch off overhead fixtures. Next, the contrast of shadows surrounding the glowing displays inspire a bewitching mood. Additionally, you can fascinate your guests with a custom program of rotating LED colors beneath your collection of liquor bottles.

An illuminated home liquor display can only improve your guest’s appreciation for your entertainment prowess. Whether you choose a floating shelf behind a small bar or a large customized arrangement, you’ll keep them coming back party after party.

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The Coolest Home Bar Shelf

Lighted Bottle Display Home Bar Shelf 4 Tier LED Display Shelf 11

The Coolest Home Bar Shelf  


Whether you’re a socialite who loves throwing parties or one who simply enjoys a quiet happy hour at home, you need a home bar. This special arrangement can be as minimal or as expansive as your space allows. But one thing both types of layouts share in common is the home bar shelf.

Cool Home Bar Shelf for Uncommon Liquor Bottles

As a marketing ploy, many liquor producers use fancy bottles to attract your attention. It’s a crying shame to hide these pieces of art under a counter or in a closed cabinet. Rather, you should proudly put them out for admiration. A cool LED lighted bar shelf on top of a small bar makes attractive bottles practically come alive. For a long, sweeping bar, multi-tiered sets of lighted bar shelves not only wash your liquor display in the glow of many colors, they generate delighted compliments from your party guests.

Beyond the beauty of a unique home bar shelf illuminated from within, these shelves offer practicality, as well.

Lighted Bottle Displays for Easy Libation Selection

Subdued lighting in your home’s party venue, be it a man cave or general entertainment area, makes for a comfortable ambiance. It also makes it a bit difficult to see what you’re doing at the bar. But when you place your liquor selections atop lighted display shelves, you can easily find what you need without twisting up the dimmer. The LED lights provide islands of gentle illumination around your stock, never disrupting the mood of the gathering. You can work your mixing magic without skipping a beat.

Is your home bar due for some enhancements? By adding lighted home bar shelves to your decorating scheme, you’ll impress your guests and create a relaxed environment for socializing with family and friends. You can also incorporate LED shelves as part of your bar lighting system. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy a lighted bar shelf in your home.

Order yours today from LED Baseline. It is easy!

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Floating LED Lighted Shelves

Floating LED Lighted Shelves 2 Step 48 Standard 1

Do floating shelves actually drift around a room, making it difficult to dust the knickknacks? Maybe, if you give the physicists a few more years. In the meantime, when you attach a platform to a wall in such a way that the supporting hardware remains invisible, you create the illusion that the shelf floats in place. The design infuses a certain elegance to the room. But if you want to draw immediate attention to the ledge and whatever it holds, you add illumination. To absolutely fascinate the viewer, you hang floating LED lighted shelves.

Benefits of Floating LED Lighted Shelves to Bars, Galleries and Nightclubs

Restaurants, drinking establishments and art galleries garner many benefits from LED lighted shelves. Because they attract the eye and illuminate your offerings, they set the mood for buying. Nothing persuades like alcohol bottles and racked glasses displayed with rotating LED color schemes. The longer your guests gaze upon the arrangement, the more motivated they will be to sample your supply.

Likewise, art resting upon the gentle radiance from below, takes on an irresistible, mystical quality. Sculptures, pottery, jewelry and other fine art become the focus, directing your prospective customers to the smaller wares you most want to sell.

Home Displays on Lighted Shelves

Homeowners appreciate the delights of floating LED lighted shelves, as well. In formal parlors, great rooms, man caves and home bars, these dynamic, color-washed shelves prove your superior decorating tastes to all your guests. Because LED lighting offers the most flexibility in fabrication and use, your lighted shelves can be made to change colors on a schedule you design. As they float peacefully against the walls, colors can fade in and out in tandem or independently per shelf, as you prefer. The charm of the shelves will also remove the chore from dusting your liquor bottles or sundry curios since you’ll enjoy the eye-pleasing show as you work.

While floating shelves add a special class to any room, you, your customers and your guests will especially love floating LED lighted shelves.

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LED Lighted Furniture

LED Lighted Furniture LED Coffee Table 6

The atmosphere in your bar or nightclub makes all the difference. It can distinguish your business as the destination spot or the place that merely serves your competitor’s spillover crowd. Of course, arranging your light fixtures and furniture to maximize illumination in a subdued evening milieu takes some planning. But what if your furniture and lighting were the same thing? With LED lighted furniture, you combine the two elements of success into one.

Create Compelling Ambiance

Futuristic lighted furniture offers a warm, inviting glow that will captivate your patrons. Designed to illuminate the drinks and decorations above, these unique pieces practically eliminate the need for overhead spotlighting or wall fixtures. The soft glow of colors surrounds the tables with no harsh glares to disrupt the ambiance. You can place your tables anywhere in your establishment, and the needed light goes with them.

To further enchant your guests, the LED light strings in your furniture can rotate from color to color according to a pattern you design and control. You can create a multitude of color combinations to fade in and out at a rate you determine. Your guests will relish the soft radiance and ever changing movement of light.

Custom Design to Enhance Your Space with LED Lighted Furniture

No matter the size or style of your club, lighted furniture comes in either pre-fabricated styles or built-to-order custom designs to perfectly elevate the elegance of your space. To round out the appealing array of lighted tables, you can add a lighted bar and shelves, as well. A mix of short tables with tall boys will add interest to your furniture arrangements. Truly, you can customize your interior design to be like no other in town.

Naturally, all of these lighted furnishings also fit well into any home bar, too. Commercial ventures and homeowners alike can make the most out of LED lighted tables, bars and shelves.

Crafting the perfect atmosphere in a bar, gallery, nightclub or home entertainment zone is easy when your furniture itself provides intimate lighting.