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Dazzling Bars for the Home

bars for the home

Dazzling Bars for the Home  

When you host gatherings at your home, do you drag your alcohol and drink mixing supplies out of a cabinet only to haul them all back after the festivities? When you stage your party on a level of the house different from your liquor cabinet location, do you carefully negotiate staircases while laden with your heavy bottles of liquor? If so, then you need to acquire some bars for the home, and not just ordinary, ho-hum bars.

Portable Bars for the Home Roll Towards the Action

Rather than a stationary bar that lives in one room waiting for guests to find it, you can buy a portable bar that can roll to the heart of the fun. Built to your specifications, a bar on casters with sturdy shelving below the counter can hold your supplies while you guide it to the best spot to set up and serve. On the main level, you can situate your cocktail dispensary near the kitchen or out on the deck. In the basement, your moveable bar can stand anywhere it’s convenient or moved to the walk-out patio or poolside. Afterwards, it can live in its dedicated home until the next big event.

LED Lighted Bars Get the Party Started

Mobility is great, but it gets better. You can now acquire portable bars infused with light from the inside out. A steel frame clad in acrylic and impregnated with LED light strips easily becomes the focal point of any celebration. Fed by hidden battery packs, your clever bars contribute a pleasant glow to the scene at any intensity you choose. Plus, you can program the LEDs to rotate custom colors and even “dance” to your music. With easy-to-use remote programmers, you totally control the light show. Your guests will love how your bars add to the entertainment.

So, bring your liquor out of the closet and roll it to the center of the fun with brilliant, dynamic bars for the home.