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Highlight Any Room with a Floating Display Shelf

Floating Display Shelf Wall Shelf 1

Highlight Any Room with a Floating Display Shelf 


It has been said that art separates man from the animals. You appreciate what Mother Nature creates, but you also love to put human efforts at generating beautiful things alongside hers. While your space for display remains considerably smaller than Nature’s, when you want everyone to see your extraordinary things, you put them out for all to see. Few things can highlight your artful items like a floating display shelf. When you spring for LED lighted floating display shelves, your pieces benefit even more.  Continue reading Highlight Any Room with a Floating Display Shelf

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Wall Mounted Liquor Shelf

Wall Mounted Liquor Shelf 3 Step Standard wall 2

Wall Mounted Liquor Shelf


Commercial bars, nightclubs, restaurant bars and sophisticated home entertainment bars usually keep more liquor on hand than they have available space to display it. If you want to show off your wares, you should consider adding a wall mounted liquor shelf to your bar scene. Advantages include:

More Space to Display Liquor Bottles

Psychologically, a well-stocked bar inspires people to order drinks. Conversely, people hesitate to order drinks if they feel you have little to serve. It makes sense for your business or hospitality goals to treat your guests’ eyes to a large, cleverly-lit display. If your back-bar counter space is limited, go up the walls with lighted liquor shelves. The more visible the options, the more likely you’ll make sales (even if you don’t charge).

A Floating Wall Mounted Liquor Shelf Mesmerizes Your Guests

By using LED lighted shelves with hidden brackets, your liquor bottles seem to float against the wall and glow with a life of their own. This special illumination renders your liquor in the most appealing manner possible. Program the lights to rotate custom colors that you mix on your handy remote, and your patrons will remain transfixed by your displays. The longer they loiter at the bar, the greater your opportunity to keep their glasses re-filled.

Lighted Shelves Contribute to Both Decor and Ambiance

The beauty of illuminated liquor shelves rests in their functionality. They provide mood lighting that promotes an intimate atmosphere. Because these shelves come custom-made to your specification, they also serve as decorative elements. You handle two marketing requirements at the same time: spotlighting your merchandise in a tastefully decorated room.

A wall mounted liquor shelf solves space problems for a cramped bar. A collection of shelves can elevate the level of decor and also provide a captivating color show to capture the attention of your customers. You should add several of them to your lounge, nightclub, restaurant or home bar today.

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The Coolest Home Bar Shelf

Lighted Bottle Display Home Bar Shelf 4 Tier LED Display Shelf 11

The Coolest Home Bar Shelf  


Whether you’re a socialite who loves throwing parties or one who simply enjoys a quiet happy hour at home, you need a home bar. This special arrangement can be as minimal or as expansive as your space allows. But one thing both types of layouts share in common is the home bar shelf.

Cool Home Bar Shelf for Uncommon Liquor Bottles

As a marketing ploy, many liquor producers use fancy bottles to attract your attention. It’s a crying shame to hide these pieces of art under a counter or in a closed cabinet. Rather, you should proudly put them out for admiration. A cool LED lighted bar shelf on top of a small bar makes attractive bottles practically come alive. For a long, sweeping bar, multi-tiered sets of lighted bar shelves not only wash your liquor display in the glow of many colors, they generate delighted compliments from your party guests.

Beyond the beauty of a unique home bar shelf illuminated from within, these shelves offer practicality, as well.

Lighted Bottle Displays for Easy Libation Selection

Subdued lighting in your home’s party venue, be it a man cave or general entertainment area, makes for a comfortable ambiance. It also makes it a bit difficult to see what you’re doing at the bar. But when you place your liquor selections atop lighted display shelves, you can easily find what you need without twisting up the dimmer. The LED lights provide islands of gentle illumination around your stock, never disrupting the mood of the gathering. You can work your mixing magic without skipping a beat.

Is your home bar due for some enhancements? By adding lighted home bar shelves to your decorating scheme, you’ll impress your guests and create a relaxed environment for socializing with family and friends. You can also incorporate LED shelves as part of your bar lighting system. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy a lighted bar shelf in your home.

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Floating LED Lighted Shelves

Floating LED Lighted Shelves 2 Step 48 Standard 1

Do floating shelves actually drift around a room, making it difficult to dust the knickknacks? Maybe, if you give the physicists a few more years. In the meantime, when you attach a platform to a wall in such a way that the supporting hardware remains invisible, you create the illusion that the shelf floats in place. The design infuses a certain elegance to the room. But if you want to draw immediate attention to the ledge and whatever it holds, you add illumination. To absolutely fascinate the viewer, you hang floating LED lighted shelves.

Benefits of Floating LED Lighted Shelves to Bars, Galleries and Nightclubs

Restaurants, drinking establishments and art galleries garner many benefits from LED lighted shelves. Because they attract the eye and illuminate your offerings, they set the mood for buying. Nothing persuades like alcohol bottles and racked glasses displayed with rotating LED color schemes. The longer your guests gaze upon the arrangement, the more motivated they will be to sample your supply.

Likewise, art resting upon the gentle radiance from below, takes on an irresistible, mystical quality. Sculptures, pottery, jewelry and other fine art become the focus, directing your prospective customers to the smaller wares you most want to sell.

Home Displays on Lighted Shelves

Homeowners appreciate the delights of floating LED lighted shelves, as well. In formal parlors, great rooms, man caves and home bars, these dynamic, color-washed shelves prove your superior decorating tastes to all your guests. Because LED lighting offers the most flexibility in fabrication and use, your lighted shelves can be made to change colors on a schedule you design. As they float peacefully against the walls, colors can fade in and out in tandem or independently per shelf, as you prefer. The charm of the shelves will also remove the chore from dusting your liquor bottles or sundry curios since you’ll enjoy the eye-pleasing show as you work.

While floating shelves add a special class to any room, you, your customers and your guests will especially love floating LED lighted shelves.