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Highlight Any Room with a Floating Display Shelf

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Highlight Any Room with a Floating Display Shelf 


It has been said that art separates man from the animals. You appreciate what Mother Nature creates, but you also love to put human efforts at generating beautiful things alongside hers. While your space for display remains considerably smaller than Nature’s, when you want everyone to see your extraordinary things, you put them out for all to see. Few things can highlight your artful items like a floating display shelf. When you spring for LED lighted floating display shelves, your pieces benefit even more. 

No Expensive Hot Spots

Museums and galleries know a thing or two about illuminating art. Their ceilings and walls fairly bustle with the hardware of spot lighting. However, spot and flood lights tend to create a lot of heat as they crank out the candlepower. When the bulbs eventually burn out, replacements can cost a pretty penny. But light emitting diodes, one of the coolest manufactured light source on Earth, bathe your goods in radiant splendor without adding to your air conditioning load. As an added benefit, the diodes also last orders of magnitude longer than traditional bulbs of any composition.

No Glare

Spotlights also produce a glare, but not so the LED floating display shelf. Because the source of illumination is built into the shelving itself, it up lights or backlights without concentrating too much on reflective surfaces. In fact, the glow of the LEDs tends to lend a mystique to the display that you won’t get from any other lighting plan.

Even the Floating Display Shelf is Itself Art

A custom-created display shelf performs its humble duty as a lovely contribution to the displayed items. Should a patron purchase the exhibited product, the beauty of the floating shelf itself remains. Even an empty gallery will appear classy with its collection of floating display shelves.

If art defines the divergence between man and animal, then lighted floating display shelves separate the ordinary from the exceptional.

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