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LED Liquor Displays

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LED Liquor Displays


If drinking were a less popular pastime, we wouldn’t see bars on nearly every corner. However, since bars crowd the landscape, you need to set yours apart from the run-of-the-mill competition. Of the many creative ways you can distinguish your drinking establishment from all the others, adding LED liquor displays may bring the most return on investment.

What Do LED Liquor Displays Bring to the Party?

Illuminating your liquor bottles enhances their appeal. Even plain old bottles with no crafty styling enchant the eye when light shines through the liquid. Of course, the fancier the bottle, the better the display.

You might say, “I already have florescent tubes lighting up my shelves.” But, do they change color? Can they generate a kaleidoscope of hues to fascinate your patrons and keep them placing orders? Do your tubes light from under and behind the bottles, or do they just throw light on the front of your liquor bottles and call it a day?

Won’t They Cost Too Much to Operate?

Because LED light merely sips electricity compared to florescent and incandescent bulbs, you actually save money while displaying your liquor. Plus, when you consider the fact that you can set your wares aglow for pennies on the dollar compared to the other methods, you can set up larger displays and eliminate some of your other lighting fixtures while you’re at it. You get savings on top of savings.

Go Wild with Your Remote Programmer

To really turn up the heat on your bar’s appeal, you can tie the pulse of the music to your LED’s with your easy-to-use remote programmer. You’ll impress your patrons with the high energy in your business by syncing your mood lighting and music for total sensory stimulation. You know that a stimulated crowd is a spending crowd.

As word spreads that you operate a boss bar, you’ll be glad you invested in LED liquor displays.