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Is Your Liquor Bottle Display Boring?

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Is Your Liquor Bottle Display Boring?


In the highly-competitive world of selling liquor, you need a way to stand out from the crowd. Why should your bar look like every other bar in town, whether it’s a free-standing business, part of a restaurant or within an entertainment venue? You have the power to design a liquor bottle display that gets noticed.

Create Better Ambience with LED Lights

One thing is certain, bars fare best with subdued lighting. While you can illuminate the space in many ways, if you add LED lighted shelves, your special bar equipment performs quadruple duty. First, the LED strip lighting embedded in the shelving casts a mysterious glow through your liquor bottles, automatically rendering them more attractive. Second, the shelf lighting can take the place of other, traditional lighting modules which also use more energy than LEDs. Third, because you enjoy a wide array of colors from the LEDs, you can seamlessly blend them into your decorating scheme. Finally, your extraordinary lighted bottle display serves as — you guessed it — shelves.

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