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LED Lighted Liquor Shelf

LED Lighted Liquor Shelf 3 Step Standard 11

LED Lighted Liquor Shelf


In the competitive world of liquor sales, it pays to have an advantage. An LED lighted liquor shelf — or many — can elevate the appeal of your liquor store to customers. When choosing a liquor store comes down to a patron’s coin flip, that little extra excitement generated by lighted displays can make all the difference in the world.

Many Ways to Light a Liquor Shelf

Although the concept of product displays featuring lights dates back probably to the invention of electric light bulbs, using light emitting diodes only came around fairly recently. Incandescent fixtures, florescent bulbs and spotlights involve more space and planning to deploy. LED lighting, on the other hand, offers cool versatility unmatched by other illumination systems.

LED Lighted Liquor Shelf Displays Give More Bang for the Buck

Incandescent and florescent bulbs require the heating of a gas enclosed by heat-tolerant glass. The inherently hot and delicate surface of the fixtures mean special handling and limitations on shelving material. They also pull a substantial amount of juice when lit. However, LED technology relies on the properties of semiconducting material and electricity to produce photons in a much different process. With almost no heat from glass-enclosed filaments to watch out for, an LED lighted liquor shelf can take many shapes and use translucent components other than glass. Plus, the electrical draw is so minimal, they can serve your display far longer than any other light source for far less expense.

Improve Your Competitive Advantage with Glowing Liquor Displays

With the display advantages of LED lighted liquor shelf arrangements, your store can gain a leg up on your competitors. Shelves washed with light from below create a certain classy ambience that customers enjoy, even if on a subconscious level. Next time they plan to shop for liquor, they just might skip the coin toss and head straight to your store, proving the power of LEDs.

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