2 Tier 4 Sided Island LED Display Shelf



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2 Tier 4 Sided Island LED Display Shelf

LED Baseline’s beautiful 2 Tier 4 Sided Island LED Display Shelf makes a great centerpiece for a multitude of uses. Illuminated shelving on all four sides creates depth and drama in any display. Enhance any presentation with added height and illumination. These LED island display shelves are versatile, and work great as liquor bottle display shelves for nightclubs and bars, or as lighted collectible display shelves for your home or office.


Width: 12″ – 96″

Height: 7.25″ (First tier is 2.75″, second is 4.5″)

Depth: 18″ (Second tier is 9″)

Shelf Specifications

These units are built to suit your needs, simply select the width option that fits your space. The standard dimensions for our 2 tier 4 sided island LED display shelf are 7.25″ tall x 18″ deep. The first tier is 2.75” tall x 4.5” deep, and the second tier is 4.5” tall x 9” deep. Choose a width from 14”-96”. Custom dimensions are available upon request, just ask!

LED Baseline’s lighted display shelves are made using wood, laminate, and scratch resistant acrylic. The standard finish is black, but we have a wide variety of custom finishes. We can also add your custom logo to any shelf. Please contact us with any questions.

LED Specifications

Each LED display shelf comes with a remote control and a 12v DC power supply for use in a standard outlet. LED lights are located inside the tables and positioned to highlight objects placed on them. Our LED lights are color-changing, encased with 100% waterproof materials, and operated via remote control with removable tops for easy access and light replacement. The remote is a 44-button IR remote control which provides you with preset colors and various configuration options including:

  • Color Fade Mode
  • Fade Speed Control
  • Brightness Adjustment
  • Flashing Pulse Control

Logo Option:

Customize your shelf with your name or logo! Your personalization will be etched into the shelf so that it will illuminate and promote your brand. Note that dimensions may change in order to accommodate custom requests, additional charges may apply.



Standard finish for the base of the shelf is a sleek gloss black. Choose from a variety of solid colors and wood grains. Check out the plethora of metal finishes some of which offer added textures!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much for shipping?

As long as you are in the continental U.S. it is 100% FREE. We also ship to Alaska, Canada and Hawaii. Please call us for more information.

How many bottles will my shelf hold?

It varies between display size but your average bottle will be roughly 3" to 3.5" in diameter. To find the total bottle capacity, multiply the length of the display by the number of steps and divide by 3.5" For example: A 3 Tier 48" display would be 48 x 3 / 3.5" = 41 Bottles

How long will the LED Lights last?

Our LED lights are rated for 50,000+, but if they ever do go out, don’t worry! We will send you replacements that are fairly easy to install.

What is the average shipping time?

We custom make each item just for you! Most items will ship in 3-5 business days, however special projects could take a little longer. Please call us directly for a quote.

Will you do truly custom designs not shown on your website?

We have experience in constructing many other designs such as interior corner units exterior corner units, island units and free floating lighted shelves. We will design any unit to your specifications and offer unique design suggestions for any needs.

How much to add a Logo?

Although this depends on dimensions and detail, most Logos start around $50, but can be more so be sure to call us for a direct quote.

Can you link multiple units together?

Yes! Depending on your needs we can develop a system that works for you. Please call for a direct quote!

Where are your products made?

All of our products are made and shipped from Denver, Colorado.

What is your return policy?

Because we custom make each product there is a 20% restocking fee for all returns. If product is damaged we will do our best to remedy the issue, please call with any questions or concerns.

Can you help me with other needs besides shelves and tables?

Most definitely! We produce bars, D.J. tables and tall tables. We will work closely with you to satisfy your unique requirements.